AMON – Enabling Crypto Spending In Everyday Life




One Wallet For all your crypto currencies

Amon Wallet allows all cryptocurrencies in one wallet with a top level user experience. It’s a one wallet that can store all cryptocurrencies and easy to use and no more hassle with multiple wallets. By sending it with your family and friends without a third party and can use to spend everyday purchases.

Instant Conversion to Fiat

With Amon you can spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere by using your phone and sign in using Amon card and it will convert all your cryptocurrencies in fiat to real time. You can pay or withdraw anywhere. By the use of Visa/MasterCard are all accepted.

Maximum Value with AI based conversion

Amon allows you to save money by choosing you a best exchange or trading conversion and give you a maximum value at a time.

Built-in Exchange

You can exchange all of your coins inside this application and at the same time you can invest in any tokens that you want and hold them in your wallet.

Paying with Amon 
Pay as you like with 3 powerful options

1. Have a preferred currency

Choose your preferred cryptocurrency to use for payment

2.Select on-the-spot

Choose with your mobile at the time of the payment the crypto currency you want to spend

3.Use Amon’s AI

Let Amon AI choose for you the best performing currency and save money on every payment you make


Amon are partnering with Ixonn. Ixonn is a worldwide recognized IT security company. Ixonn is already working with exchanges and bankers to ensure the security of their systems and transactions.
Amon run their ICO with the top leading consulting company who already backed other ICO and make it successful ICO’s.
Amon wallet are secured with a high protocol level. Amon used a multi signature to protect you and Amon from fraudulent actions, corruptions and security breaches.

Amon Card

The Amon AI will be progressively advanced as they move further along with the dev cycle. The first release is suggested to let users experience best performing cryptocurrency at the time of their purchase. Amon AI will help the users make  right decisions and to maximize their value. The next release will be based on algorithm that involves variables with the goal to support user’s decision. The AI system will work as machine learning from user behaviour and historical data.



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