BAANX – The Cryptobank Evolution

A quarter of world population has no access to basic banking services. The other quarter of population uses smart phones and 1/3 of these smart phone users are already using mobile payment services. The use of digital services nowadays has a massive impact on the economic market growth in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Through one of their services, cryptocurrencies can be accessible globally using smart phones.


Baanx is a crypto-based bank which uses Smart Contract that offers bank ownership. This creates cutting edge branded crypto banks that is entirely decentralized. The project offers an open access as well as a platform based on strict rules. The target is to act as a single point of access for retailers of all kinds within the specific niche of blockchain-based banking and financial services. As more people are becoming owners and users cryptocurrencies, there is a bigger expectation for them to transact, operate, purchase, pay, save, lend, borrow and invest using their digital currencies in their everyday lives.


With the huge demand for crypto-based banking services and the expected growth of the cyptomarket, has created the BXX Tokens that are now on pre-sale. This is to create Baanx funds required to deliver a new and innovative cryptobank network, which is the largest in the world.The goal is to ensure that everyone has access to full service cryptocurrency banking services they need in the near future. Baanx will be able to offer banking and lending services, payments, deposits, investment as well as faster and cheaper services. Baanx is applying to be fully licensed in the EU, US, UK and Asia as a cryptobank.




The Baanx proposition is an ambitious one, but upon full deployment by 2021, it will be the first or should I say one of the best crypto bank in cryptoworld. The team manages to become a lot more than just one crypto – based bank. Their intention is to bolster thousands of brands under its umbrella by 2021. Some features are:


– Mobile Cryptobank Platform

– Branded Cryptobank Network

– Decentralisation and values

– Cutting edge services such as crypto exchange, crypto and fiat mobile payment services, insured fiat and crypto account wallet, loans, savings, credit cards, investments, business banking (financial apps).

– Cryptobank network funding: bank license sharing

– Creation of customer portfolio of account holders. Crypto exchange users, investors, asset- backed lenders, micro lenders, credit card owners, business bankers, payment users can sell to other Baanx cryptobanks for BXX – trading of assets between cryptobank brands.


This will happen through complete decentralization through shared bank licenses which

stem from the rule-based system. The Baanx network is open to individuals as well as to

charities and the expected expansion is undoubtedly massive.



TOKEN:              BXX


TOKEN SUPPLY:        500,000,000

ICO START:           14 JUNE 2018

ICO END:             21 JULY 2018




TEAM owner CEO Garth Howat and CRO John Van Der Vos are highly – experienced and have worked with Fin Tech organizations. Both are UK Financial Conduct Authority Approved within a separate Online Lending Business in the UK with strong track record of delivering innovative solutions from traditional methods. Both shares passion for Banking and Fin Tech institutions. They have teamed up with Sean Salloux, a Mobile Technical Expert with 25 years of experience in Banking and Application System, who has built apps and a mobile security system for Mastercard, Visa, and Bank of America. Together with 5 listed members and 12 Advisors including David Drake who is the founder of the LDJ Capital and top 2 ICO Bench experts, they complete the team of Baanx.






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