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There are many problems that can be encountered when it comes to the authentication of people, identity theft, digital theft, and validation of operations, especially on the Internet since it is not a secure place. Bidipass, which relies on the blockchain technology, solves all of these since it is a system for personal authentication that uses two-dimensional codes. It has an internationally patented cryptography that allows profiles to be legally authenticated. This authentication process is equal to that of any digital signature.

Users of Bidipass will enjoy countless benefits which include: (1.) Authentication without bank cards at ATMs, money transfers, digital signatures for legal documents, confidential document encryption, security control at airports and major events, and many more.

The Target Audience

The following will benefit this highly secure system:

1.Banks and financial entities

Convenience and security, these are just few of the things users can enjoy from Bidipass, since bank cards or remembering passwords are no longer needed to perform banking operations.

2.Legal documentation companies (e.g. insurance companies and public entities)

Through Bidipass, signing contracts digitally or through e-mails using two-dimensional codes is possible, since the authentication process is very secure.

3.Large event promoters, transport companies, and airports

With Bidipass, travelers and attendees of concerts or sports events can be authenticated, ensuring that the person is actually who they say they are.

4.Digital instant messaging companies or companies dealing with confidential information

With Bidipass, documents can only be read by the indicated receiver during the time window permitted.

The Bidipass encryption system is unique, because an international patent protects its intellectual rights. Meaning, no other system is like Bidipass. Bidipass has been assessed by experts in intangible assets. They have valued the system at more than 3 million dollars. Its market forecast says  that it will reach over one billion by 2020.

All transactions will be secure. Thus, problems when it comes to identity or digital theft will no longer be an issue.

What are the Target Regions?

Target regions include Asia and Russia. There is a special entry market force in Latin America. In addition to these, all start – up investors who are related to Fin-tech and computer security are also potential investors.

The Bidicoin

Bidipass utilizes its Bidicoin token. This supports the entire Bidipass economy.

Start Date: 2018-04-26

Target Funding: $16.00 M

Funding Cap: $48.00 M

End Date: 2018- 06-21

Symbol: BDP

Coins Offered: 90.00M (60%)

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