Education is an important aspect of life which develops and improves a person’s skills. If we check the statistics, not a lot of people around the world have a chance to get the best education. Not a lot of countries offer free and advance education for their people. This is a serious problem that needs to get solved fast.

In relation to this, businesses and industries encounter a significant problem in hiring the right people whose skills match the demands needed in the industry. This brings us back to the problem of QUALITY EDUCATION. Let’s try to find out the other problems related to education and business and how BITDEGREE can be a solution to these existing problems.


Bitdegree focuses on global education. It gives value to education by offering advance online courses with clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. It also helps businesses to hire the best people in technology and education. In other words, it gives companies the ability to recruit tech talents from the pool of the best students. Bitdegree is not a startup company, unlike other ICOs with the same platform. They boast a big community of loyal followers who are using the services of Hostinger and 000webhost. This mens that they have already established a big fan base.


EDUCATION ON A GLOBAL SCALE: Different countries have established their own education standard for their citizens but the question is, ” Is it the global standard?”. Colleges and universities lack the capability to provide their students the right training which will develop their skills that will match the demands that are needed in the modern workforce. BitDegree thinks this happens because of the lack of understanding between schools and employers. BitDegree gives access to employers to communicate with upcoming talents through smart and enticing incentives. These include students getting paid to learn.

MODERN WORKFORCE: A company usually spends millions of dollars just to fill their workforce with competent people who produce quality work efficiently.

It all boils down to the people that they hire, and the skills and competency of their workers. Supposedly, the readiness and skills of the graduates should match the demands that are needed in the industry, which doesn’t always happen. BitDegree, on the other hand, aims to provide global employers competent employees with their students by implementing smart incentives.

ONE TOKEN THAT WILL COMMAND ALL. This sounds like a “Lord of the Rings” slogan, but Bitdegree aims to use digital tokens to build a frictionless ecosystem. The Bitdegree tokens will be used to create a frictionless marketplace between students, employers, and the education platform.

GAME-CHANGER FOR THE EDUCATION PLATFORM: There are new decentralized education platforms that promise a lot but focus solely on the token, but these are not solving the real problems in the field of education. BITDEGREE is a well-thought project that gives advantage to both students and companies, which is better education for students and quality workforce for companies.



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