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Technology has been a major factor that has zoomed us forward to the computer age. One important component of technology is DATA. It has become a valuable resource for the entire world due to the fact that all our computer related devices need data to function. Moreover, the boom of information technology and data explosion led to the dependence of people to this.  A perfect example would be the business sector. Data has become a goldmine which helps in the decision-making process and development of the company and its products. Hence the need for data analytics. Due to the demand, BIZAVEST has created a platform to help resolve all problems related to such need.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the process of examining data in order to create conclusions about the information they contain using specialized systems and software. Data analytics technologies and techniques are used in commercial industries to enable organizations to make well-informed business decisions and for scientists and researchers to verify or disprove scientific models, theories, and hypotheses.

What is Bizavest? (some information from

Bizavest is a data analytics and business intelligence platform designed to provide decision making and market-driven information and services to small and large business over a decentralized network. At the core of its functionality, Bizavest is merely an intelligence gathering and insight-generating system that provides you with the most relevant information your business needs to grow into sustainability and success. This means that it is a platform which will help small, start-up and big business for a more secure and convenient data analytic source and technology. Bizavest uses Bizacoin for all data analytic transactions. The token also forms the backing for financial transactions for acquiring data and getting paid for providing data over the Bizavest Platform. It is a self-managing peer-to-peer data-driven cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Network.

Problems of data analytics.

Cost and technicalities of BIG DATA analytics.

The emergence of BIG DATA analytics has played a major role in our everyday activities and made a mark because of its effective capabilities in generating business intelligence and delivering insights. But because big data is widely used, some complications have been brought to life. The cost of BIG Data analytics has greatly increased due to the technology of software being created. Big companies depend on Big data as a source of information and have made it more costly and complicated to use for small and start-up businesses.

Relevant data and information gathering.

Big data gather tons of irrelevant information which is not needed in the business. Since there is a massive influx of data stored, researchers and analysts have to face irrelevant and useless data before they can get what they want and need. The problem here is figuring out what type of data you have gathered and if it is a useful data for your business. Currently, businesses employ market researchers and data software to gather information for them which is usually costly and is very difficult to verify and maintain.

Bizavest Solution

Bizavest aims to solve all these problems. Bizavest focuses on data analytics and business intelligence platform which uses the blockchain technology to gather useful data for users within the platform. In simple terms, it would give businesses the information they need before they make business-related decisions and changes. It is an intelligence gathering and insight-generating system that provides you with the most relevant information for the growth, sustainability and success of your business. As an investor and business owner, you don’t only focus on the price of the token once it is listed on the exchange. You need to look at its functionality. Bizavest would be a great help for the business owner, start-up or large business due to the fact that it is safe, efficient and gives you the exact data and info you need to grow your business at a lower cost. Just a note, Bizavest is a gold mine waiting to be maximize because the system has already been established and it just needs to be developed.



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