BizShake is the first decentralized P2P sharing ecosystem powered by NEO blockchain which targets the sharing economy, providing an innovative peer- to -peer method. It aims to allow users to monetize their assets in forms of renting and pawning while highly reducing intermediary costs. The BizShake concept has been designed around blockchain and its fundamentals of being decentralized so that transactions cannot be tampered with, thus it is a system that users can truly trust. BizShake was established by an outstanding team from retail, e-commerce, technology and research companies with the belief that peer –to- peer sharing economy will benefit our society as a whole and ease the redundant production that causes problems to the resources and the environment.

BizShake will be available through mobile apps for IOS and Android. It can also be purchased from their web platform. Its two core functions are SmartRent and SmartPawn.


The concept of SmartRent is to allow users to rent assets for a certain period of time to other users who need the assets for a pre-determined fee.

SmartRent will allow the lessor to use the full potential of ownership with justified returns. It  also allows the lessee to enjoy the use of an asset without investing in purchase. Rental rates can be set by day, week or month. You can also fill in the calendar with dates or information when an asset will be available to be leased and the geographical area where the asset can be shipped and handed over. The value of the asset and the amount of the deposit will be locked by the Smart Contract.


The SmartPawn allows the users to receive short-term loan from another user backed by the value of an asset. The loan will be based on the value of an asset. When the loan is ready to refund, the asset will be transferred back. It works like an ordinary pawnshop. Using SmartPawn is another form that owner can use to exploit the full potential of ownership.



BizShake will implement a decentralized dispute system based on peer control. As users will help other users to judge and settle the disputes, since there will be a full scale implementation of a complete P2P sharing economy.


BizShake will implement an asset verification and certification system called Smart Certify. This system will work with certifier users who will certify that the asset is exactly the one described by the owner and assign a fair market value to it. These certifier users are third party professionals in certain fields like jewelers, luxury and car experts etc., who will be qualified to certify assets of a specific class.


BizShake Smart Identify feature will use AI algorithms to calculate users profile, ID, and level of credibility through government data, insurance ,financial institutions and other credible data to insure other BizShake partners credibility level.


BizShake will create an API that allows access to BizShake smart contracts. Web developers can create new applications that leverage Bizshake smart contracts without forcing users to directly interact with BizShake.


The BizShake fee will be as low as 5% for each transaction value (5% of rental fee from SmartRent and 5% interest from SmartPawn), inclusive of all the costs related to the use of BizShake application and will be automatically deducted from the rent and pawn amount. 7% of the coins coming from the transaction fees will be burned when received by BizShake to constantly decrease the supply of BizShake coin which will create more value for the holders BizShake coin.


BizShake is led by CEO and founder Giuseppe Lo Presti with 20 years professional experience in multinational companies in EU and APAC region, together with Yuting Valentina-Gu, Co-Founder, who has a vast experience in Economics and Management in Media and Entertainment. The team is also composed of 6 members with 5 great advisors.

Token name: BZS

Platform: NEO

Token Price: 1 NEO = 185BZS

Accepts: NEO, GAS, ONT

Total Quantity: 200,000,000

Total Available at sale: 100,000,000

Minimun Investment: 1 NEO





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