These days, more and more people are becoming interested in Cryptocurrency and this is changing the way they prepare for their future. Many people have become billionaires just by investing in crypto alone and as people’s lives are being changed through digital money, investors will continue to flock and buy crypto coins, especially the most popular ones like the Bitcoin, which is considered the first crypto currency ever created.

As demands for cryptocurrencies increase, investors need platforms which will protect their investments and make their transactions easier. Cryptopay is an excellent platform that protects those who invest in Bitcoin. Founded in 2013, this popular currency service provider is not only limited to European countries, their services and products can be enjoyed by globally.

Cryptopay is a wallet and payment platform which provides users an easy and convenient way to buy, store, and send bitcoins all over the world. Through it, merchants and consumers can transact with each other while also being backed by the the new bitcoin payment protocol. Their services include the following:

Prepaid card – One can shop anywhere with a Cryptopay prepaid  card. It can work online, offline, and internationally. Thus, customers find it very easy and convenient to use. Benefits of a Cryptopay card include:  (1). Easiest and fastest way to cash out bitcoins (2). Low commission (3.) Plastic and virtual cards are both available (4.) Free worldwide delivery (5.) It is accepted where major cards are accepted, meaning, it can be used anywhere.

Bitcoin wallet – With Cryptopay, one can buy bitcoins with confidence. Features of this service include: (1). Flex accounts. Users can hold their bitcons securely in a Flex account. Through this system, it is easy to convert bitcoins into fiat currencies. Users can use this to secure their money against bitcoin price fluctuations (2). Near to zero commission. Users can get to keep more of their money, since Cryptopay only charges 1% to convert to or from BTC. There are no hidden fees and the price is always fair (3). Free deposits and withdrawals. (3). Free deposits and withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals are simple, fast, and free. With Cryptopay, users can see their in their account by the next business day and for free.

Bitcoin transfers – With Cryptopay, sending money overseas is as easy as sending an e-mail. The only thing that one has to do is to simply open an account and complete the registration process. Transactions are safer and faster, because the platform provides a straightforward way to send money around the globe via blockchain. Users can: (1). Enjoy the bitcoin payment network without the risks and price volatility (2). Send money to almost anyone who has Internet connection (3). Send money even without a bank account. Recipients can order a Cryptopay prepaid card and withdraw the money that they have received from any ATM instantly.

Accepts bitcoin payments – Cryptopay enables users to accept bitcoin payments in BTC or receive funds straight to their bank account. The platform makes the process secure and safe. Fraudulent customers are no longer a problem, since refunds are only made when the user, when the merchant who is the user, approves them. There is only 1% transaction fee and compared to other payment methods, there are no hidden commission or additional charge. In addition to accepting payments, users can also offer payouts and make payments in BTC.

Cryptopay ICO

Token: CPAY

Price in ICO: 0.31 USD

Country: United Kingdom

PreICO started on  25th September 2017

PreICO ended on 26th September 2017

ICO started on 2nd October 2017

ICO ended on 30th October 2017



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