Inbot Intoken is a new platform that provides InToken, a new cryptocurrency designed for business referrals and introductions. It is a global community of over 46,000 ambassadors in 161 countries hence popularly known as Inbot Ambassadors, with a range of 7 million contacts, Inbot Ambassadors is an Artificial Intelligence powered graph of trust between people who can best introduce you to your customers thus helping your business grow by making introductions, eliminating the need for local sales teams and developing an autonomous organization that runs the business with AI. It implements fair and transparent community rules with smart contracts on the blockchain and pays the members by tokenized dividends from the value being created.

Inbot Ambassador community members are trusted investors, executives and entrepreneurs with VIPs like Unicorn founders, public company CEOs and other notable influencers. Launched in August 2016, Ambassadors have grown up to 60,000 members in 161 countries and are incentivized to invite their connections to the community for them to increase their Inscore upon making their first introduction.


Inshare is a personal retainer contract that pays long term income in Intokens everytime an ambassador makes an introduction to a platinum partner. Inshares are personal retainer contracts that are not tradable or transferable. Intoken utility token is a completely new and unique programmatic model for rewarding trust for both ends. The more new ambassadors as Inshare holders, the more decentralized distribution of Intokens in the market will be.

The main advantage of this new platform is to promote business success. The artificial intelligence matches one with just the right customer base and individuals who will help with the brand. The platform mentions that those who use it as a resource will be able to grow at the speed of trust. With this system, users can count on the platform to work well and to help with their brand.

TOKEN: —————————– InToken

PLATFORM: ———————– Ethereum

TOKEN PRICE: ——————– 0.01 ETH

FUNDRASING GOAL: ———– 38,000,000 EUR

TOTAL TOKENS: —————– 5,800,000,000



ACCEPTS: ————————- ETH / FIAT



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