INS ECOSYSTEM – The Grocery Industry, Reinvented



Grocery Market, as we know it, has evolved into a billion-dollar business. It has expanded everywhere around the world — as in local, online and global grocery markets. Let’s try to take a closer look at this. Grocery Market is a large industry selling groceries, dairy products, and household goods. Unfortunately, it is being monopolized by retailers; therefore, manufacturers and consumers are the ones who are suffering by getting lower profits and low-quality goods. Since this is a big industry, it has branched out into an even more profitable market like the Online Grocery Market.

Due to technology and the boom of the Internet Age, the name of the game is convenience such as having to purchase goods at a click of a button. Online grocery stores/markets have popped-up all of a sudden to meet the demands of the tech-savvy public. But nothing has changed. Still, retailers dominate the game. It is time to change this kind of market ecosystem and the answer to this is “INS ECOSYSTEM”. Let’s try to find out how the blockchain technology and decentralized system can be the answer to Grocery Market difficulties. How can INS ECOSYSTEM be a solution to these problems?


INS ECOSYSTEM is global decentralized grocery marketplace where consumers can interact and buy products directly from manufacturers, enjoy low transparent prices for a wide range of high-quality products, and save on direct promotions. This is not just an ecosystem for consumers but for manufacturers as well. They can compete with another manufacturer to gain more consumers by lower prices and giving better deals and promotions. INS tokens are used as means of consumer loyalty program rewards.


RETAILERS MONOPOLY. Retailers control almost all aspect of the grocery market industry. They set their own prices and can demand what goods to produce from manufacturers. This affects not just the consumers but the manufacturers as well. Manufacturer tends to follow what the retails will tell them like how much goods they need to produce and what goods to produce. It’s like the retailers are mafias trying to take control of a city. INS ECOSYSTEM will take out retailers from the equation, thus, providing more direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers. INS will help grocery manufacturers to bypass retailers and wholesalers, and directly ​sell ​and ​promote ​their ​products ​to ​consumers.

TRADE PROMOTIONS ISSUES. Have you seen the latest promotions on TV or even in your social media accounts? Some offer half the price or even 50 – 70% off but the question there is “Are we really getting the best deal?”. A lot of people get excited when they hear or see promotions but they don’t actually understand what is going on. These promotions lack information and it is a disadvantage to consumers and manufacturers as well. Let us try to look at a different perspective – the manufacturers’ perspective. Promotions are an important tool for manufacturers to sell their good or products. These promotions can sometimes be ineffective, costly and outdated. INS will replace trade promotions using a more personalized, direct and efficient marketing, thus driving grocery prices down which would facilitate the effective ​direct ​interaction ​between ​manufacturers ​and ​consumers.

INEFFECTIVE SUPPLY CHAINS. In simple term, supply chain works like a train that transport good and products from one place to another. If the supply chain system is ineffective then this would cause disruption in the Grocery Market. There are two major issues that the supply chain is trying to solve: First is waste in various areas of the supply chain, and second, high distances between manufacture and consumption. INS helps decrease food miles enabling consumers to access local manufacturers including farmers. INS will implement the effective “pull” system to ​reduce ​inventories ​and ​out-of-stocks ​that ​would ​decrease ​the ​food ​waste.


FIRST GLOBAL DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACE. As an investor, you need to invest in a product that will give you a large ROI but you need to look for a unique platform. INS ECOsystem has that edge as being the first and only global decentralized grocery marketplace right now.

FOUNDERS’​ ​EXPERIENCE. If you are investing in a product or company, you need to check the background of the people running the company. The founders of INS had a firsthand experience of running an online grocery industry and have been developed a direct relationship with manufacturers, through INSTAMART. This means they know what they are doing and they will be able to handle any problems that INS will encounter from the experiences they have developed.

SMART CONTRACT INTEGRATED. INS offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations. This means a secure, effective and efficient transaction for consumers and manufacturers.

CONSUMER BENEFITS. INS offers high-quality groceries which are cheaper than in stores. Consumers can buy groceries online easily and conveniently. The consumer will have unlimited access to suppliers of their choice.

MANUFACTURER BENEFITS. The manufacturer will have full control of product pricing and listings. They will be able to provide marketing and promotion directly to consumers. They will have access to fast and detailed customer feedback.



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