IUNGO – Cryptocurrency backed by Decentralized Global Wifi Platform



The Internet is considered by a lot of people as the greatest invention the world has ever known. The application of the internet is limitless and has been a multi-billion dollar industry for a lot of the big players in the telecommunications industry around the world. Before we get any further, let’s try to define 1st what is the internet. It is a global computer network providing information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks. In simple terms or for the non-tech savvy individual, it is also known as the “web”.  The internet has both individual and business application or use. The growth of the internet is due to the new advancement in the application, infrastructure and internet related services.

But along with the advancements of the internet comes along problems and issues like connectivity, sky-rocketing prices of the internet providers and range of services offered. This is where IUNGO would definitely be a gamechanger. Iungo is a decentralized global internet provider which uses the ING token as a currency which can be used within the IUNGO ecosystem.

What problems can Iungo solve? (some info from https://iungo.network/)

Internet Access. Most consider internet access as a basic need nowadays. Not everyone in the entire world has access to internet connection, especially in the third world countries. This means that it is only limited to those who can buy and afford the internet services. Iungo aims to distribute internet service globally. This implies that everyone can assume responsibilities and benefit from the associated rewards for running parts of the service delivery infrastructure.

Reliability and Security. Reliability would mean that the Iungo ecosystem will be able to easily deliver internet service globally and without limitations taking advantage of the blockchain technology. The Ethereum network will be used to build trusted, transparent accounting and payment infrastructure. So security won’t be an issue anymore.

The range of Internet Service. A lot of internet service provider and telecoms company have been able to monopolize the internet access. They give false hopes to consumers without even delivering to their promise of ” Internet access Anywhere”. With Iungo, that won’t be an obstacle because the participants in the Iungo network will be incentivized to provide internet access both in places with high traffic of smartphone users and remote workers but also in remote places in the developing world where there was no existing internet coverage.

Cheating/attacks by consumers. Due to the advancement and improvements in the technology, we cannot avoid the risk or cheating, attacks, and hacking. Iungo aims to provide constant network improvements, monitoring tools, client support for better internet and customer service.

Why invest in IUNGO?

Investing isn’t always about getting back the capital a hundred times more than what you have invested but also believing in the product and services you have invested in. As an investor, there are a lot of things to consider before investing but so far, IUNGO Network has more pros or positives than negatives.

Here are some other benefits of IUNGO: (some info from https://iungo.network/docs/iungo-network-whitepaper.pdf)

Instant, seamless, safe and automated connectivity with hassle-free payments

Affordable and transparent accounting with single wallet globally

Usage-based on preferences (price, speed, quality, reviews)

Global providers network with recognizable branding

What I like about Iungo compared to its competitors is their view on globalization. Internet access is a commodity, not a luxury and through their system, global internet access won’t be far from our grasp. This would be a project worth investing in.



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