What is Liberdy?

The Information Age has changed the way advertisers do their business. It has become very challenging for them to advertise through traditional ways. Thus, they resorted to online advertising and use the Internet to survive and thrive in a world where most people are netizens, but like traditional advertising, the online advertising industry has challenges to face as well. Data, in the opinion of many, are not commodities that can be bought and sold. Therefore, Internet users who drive the data are not considered as part of the ecosystem.  In the field of advertising, it is necessary for advertisers to get accurate data, but it is not happening, because the ecosystem is not transparent.

The following will benefit from the Liberdy ecosystem:


1.They will get rewarded for the data that they share with Facebook, Google, and Amazon
2.They will be able to keep control of the collected information
3.They will have an access to an advanced rebate platform


1.They will be able to easily integrate with the DSP of their choice
2.They will be able to tap into a rich international data warehouse
3.They will be able to access top-notch consent based data
4.They will benefit from data verified on the blockchain


1.They will be able to generate a new revenue system
2.They will be able to enhance their users’ data
3.They will be able to make the most of the GDPR regulation

GDPR – Data Protection Act

The European Union has enacted a new privacy bill called the Data Protection Act. According to the GDPR requirements:

1. The user is the rightful owner of his/ her data

2. The user must consent the use of their data

3. Data must be portable for extraction in an electronic format.

Because of this, extraction of data is now easier and it is the goal of Liberdy to be the hub of all exported GDPR data.

Product Flow

Liberdy has developed a decentralized Data Management Platform on blockchain. Their system ensures transparency and accuracy as it seamlessly fits into the existing digital advertising ecosystem. A system like this is made possible through the following:

1.LiberdyApp is an application that is responsible for extracting, verifying, and uploading the user’s personal data with the Liberdy Data Platform.
2.Liberdy Data Platform is responsible for the management of the data import process and the interaction with the users. Through this, data is segmented and stored in the DMP. Advertisers buy segmented data from this platform.

*Data that are segmented are sold to relevant entities in the Adtech industry.

User Acquisition Channels

1.Direct User Acquisition

– Liberdy will pay a sign up bonus for US based users until the platform gains momentum


-Companies who have access to a considerable number of users can earn money from their client base. They get a piece of the pie and the relevant data enrichment elements for every user who joins the platform. News publishers, mobile app developers, non-profit organizations are just few of the examples.

The LIB Token

The LIB token is the currency of the Liberdy ecosystem. Users earn 85% of the tokens received from the advertisers who buy their

segmented data.


TGE soft cap – $5,000,000

TGE hard cap- $30,000,000

TGE Tokens Allocation

Sale (30%) – 300,000,000

Team (10%)- 100,000,000

Early Contributors and Advisors (10%) – 100,000,000

Bounty (1%) – 10,000,000

Reserve: Company and User Acquisition (49%) – 495,000,000



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