Token Summary

Project Name: LibertyLance

Token symbol: LTN

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 50,000,000 LTN

Exchange rate: 1ETH = 5000 LTN

Bonus: 5-15%

Hard Cap: 5500 ETH

Soft Cap: 400 ETH

What is LibertyLance?

LibertyLance is a unique platform which will facilitate both freelancers and their clients through smart contacts. Unlike other blockchain competitors, where it is the clients who post the job proposal while freelancers bid on the said projects, LibertyLance is a system where freelancers can post their gigs and clients, on the other hand, can select from those gigs. Selections will be based on the reviews, pricing, and delivery.

Who can use the LibertyLance platform?

Anyone can register on LibertyLance. Freelancers need to have a minimum number of LTN tokens to take advantage of the premium access and the features of the marketplace. Users, in order to participate in order to participate in the dispute resolution process between clients and freelancers must have a minimum amount of LTN tokens and other pre-requisites. The system charges only 2%  compared to the traditional marketplace that charges up to 30% from one’s earnings.

Why is a token sale necessary?

A business plan will not automatically unfold into reality without funding, in order to execute the system which was proposed, money through token sale is needed to fund the administrative expenses, system development expenses, marketing expenses, consulting fees, and the legal fees.

When is the demo platform?

The demo platform was already launched last March 7 to 14, 2018.

When did the private sale start?

The private sale started last March 20, 2018 at a base price of 10,000 LTN tokens per ETH with a bonus of 35%. The tokens allocated for this round was 2,000,000 (4%)

To participate in a private sale or in the bounty program, check their website at



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